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Baby In The Garden – Taking The Playpen Or Play Yard Outdoors

Baby In The Garden – Taking The Playpen Or Play Yard Outdoors
Baby In The Garden – Taking The Playpen Or Play Yard Outdoors

If you have a garden in your yard, then you’re all too familiar with how much effort it takes to maintain your plants every day. And, if you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad, you’ve probably struggled to keep baby happy while you’re working on your outdoor hobbies. Whether you have a large plot of land or a small flower bed, it can be difficult to transport a child and still be able to work effectively. Aside from watching your child, it’s important that a baby get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air every once in a while. So is there a good solution to taking baby in the garden? Let’s discuss a few of your options.


Invest in a Portable Playpen

Taking baby in the garden becomes much easier when you purchase a portable playpen. Choose something made of plastic, as it’s simple to clean and lightweight for easy transportation. Start by setting up the playpen in the grass, lay down a blanket, and let baby enjoy the sunshine while you take care of your plants or flowers! If you’re concerned about sun exposure, be sure to purchase a baby sun hat to keep them cool and protected from harmful UV rays.

Another great benefit of a portable playpen is that you can use it indoors, too. They’re easy to dismantle and can often be arranged in asymmetrical shapes, making them much more versatile than your standard nylon playpen. They’ll last for years, so you can use them as hand-me-downs!


Find Special Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

If you invest in a baby playpen to use outdoors, check to see that some of the panels have toys. Many units are built with balls, activity boards, play phones, and other fun trinkets right in the panels. Your baby play yard will become a complete entertainment center to keep the little one fully amused while you get your work done.

Other options for outdoor toys include balls, large plastic building blocks, toy cars, and plastic storybooks. Be sure that the toys are constructed of plastic or vinyl for easy and quick cleaning. Additionally, the toys won’t be destroyed by moisture or rough play. You can confidently take baby in the garden with a portable set of educational toys!

As always, if you’re taking your child outdoors, be sure that you invest in baby sun protection. Whether this comes from a baby sun hat, a topical sunblock, or placing your child in the shade, it’s important to remember that UV rays can be highly damaging to young, sensitive skin. And don’t forget to pick some up for yourself, too!

Also there is the cold too, with their skin being so sensitive in the first couple of years of life it is recommended to protect their face with some Weleda Baby Calendula Weather Protection Cream if it is an extra cold and windy day. Babies lips are very prone to cracking so it’s better to be on the safe side I always think.

Lots of parents also think it’s best to wrap their babies up over the top warm and sometimes make them too hot and uncomfortable. Babies cannot all the time notice there are too hot and might not cry but heat rashes might start appearing. Look out for little red pumps appearing and your baby might start trying to itch. The rash will go in a few days but just something to look out for. With a breathable under layer, nice warm jacket, hat, gloves and some cream for their face then they should be fine to enjoy being outside and having fun.

It’s important to bring your baby outdoors not only for safety reasons, but because children need to get fresh air. Get them acquainted with nature and sunshine early, and they’ll benefit from it for life. With just a little clever planning, and making a small investment in toys and sun protection, you can easily enjoy both baby and garden – without worrying about your child’s safety.

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