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Buying Guide: Looking for a Baby Playpen or Baby Play Yard?

Buying Guide To Choosing A Baby Play Yard Or Baby Playpen
Buying Guide To Choosing A Baby Play Yard Or Baby Playpen

We hope this guide might help in deciding what type of baby playpen or baby play yard is going to be right for you. On our site we will be taking a look at the best available and recommended baby playpens and play yards on the market and also giving you some recommendation on other related baby products you might want to consider for trying to keep baby engaged in the early stages of their life.  Its such an important time in a person’s life actually and getting the brain stimulated in the early stages can lead to a healthy brain development.  so let’s begin…  


What’s better a baby playpen or a play yard?

Well I don’t think you can compare them and they both have their great uses, mainly the ability to keep baby safe and happy to get on with some playtime. There is nothing more a baby likes to do than playing mostly all the day with maybe a bit of time off for feeding breaks and a good old nap.

So yeah finding a place where baby can do just these things and can be left for brief moment can be a blessing!

A place where they can play in safety and away from those dangers a house can have all around and give mom or dad some time to themselves and get on with a chore or a sit down is something that I think all parents will all agree on, it can be so hard to juggle things in the early stages and for single parents even harder, moments to do regular things can be hard to find cause baby always comes first and they can be so demanding. To have a playpen, play yards, baby gym, playmat, bouncer or baby sat in his jumperoo for a few moments whilst you are in the room and taking a relaxing break yourself can be such a relief.

Lots of these products are great cause they keep baby engaged and entertained with all the interactive toys most of these things come with, and also they can be lots of other great add-on’s you can get to make them even better, like clip-on toys or just separate toys in general that you can put into a play yard or playpen for your baby or toddler.


Every parent needs time out sometimes from busy baby schedule

Let’s face it babies are very time-consuming and this carries on very much till they are 4 or 5 almost when they need to be supervised. Of course children all develop differently and some babies and toddlers can play for hours by themselves but others seek attention and pretty much demand it come to think of it. So play yards, playpens and baby gyms are a great solution for their parents to know they are safe whilst in play and leaves you time to do a chore or two, maybe even put your feet up and watch some TV.

Play yards are pretty much a great solution for a newborn baby to toddler as they can pretty much do it all and lots come even with their own bassinet to allow a young baby to have a sleep in them. Then they are easily removed for when baby is a little older and wants to play in them. As they grow more into a toddler the play yard can become more of play yard for them. The Greco range is awesome and has something for everyone for sure, whatever you individual needs are. Also we were so impressed with the Chicco range with their total all-in-one solutions, I recommend you take a look at our recommendations but also checking out their full ranges.





Why not simply get both, best of both worlds

Having a play yard and a playpen for your baby is also a superb choice cause play yards are perfect all-in-one choices as I’ve stated but I found it made things easier having both. We had our play yard set up in our bedroom, also came in great for travel when we ever went anywhere to stay over night, they pack up so easy and fit neatly into the car. We had the playpen set up in the corner of the living room and it could be again very easily taken onto the lawn in the garden on a nice day.

Probably some more research is needed yourself in finalizing your decision but I hope we have been of some use to help you at least on this site to give you an idea of what playpens and play yards solutions are out there and also what other products you might want to also consider with keeping baby entertained.


Are Baby Play Yards Good for Your Baby?

There has been a little controversy over the use of baby playpens.  Some argue that their use is detrimental to the development of your child, as they encourage parents to limit their baby’s environment and leave them to their own devices. The truth of the matter, though, is in fact somewhere in the middle: all things are good in moderation, and there’s no reason whatsoever for your use of a baby playpen to be a negative thing in any way. Just make sure you bear in mind a few vital points:

  • Just because your baby has been safely contained inside a baby playpen, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to continue to keep them under frequent supervision. There are just as many potential pitfalls inside the playpen as there are anywhere else – so do keep an eye on the little ones.
  • Make sure that you invest in a good, solid play yard gate to keep your baby safe. Should they manage to get out of the play yard without your noticing, the consequences could of course be serious.
  • Fill the baby play yard with plenty of interesting things to do and play with to ensure that your child is sufficiently stimulated. Board books, diverting toys, educational games and interesting things to look at are all great choices – you want your baby to enjoy their time in the baby playpen, after all.

All things considered, play yards for babies can be a brilliant investment and something that could end up being both convenient for you and enjoyable or educational for your child. You simple need to ensure that you’re paying attention and thinking about what your baby is up to while they’re inside the playpen – that way, everyone is happy.


Which Features Should a Good Baby Play Yard Have?

It can sometimes seem like a good playpen for babies is hard to find. While you’re choosing your playpen, be sure and think about a few different things to ensure that you’re buying the best play yard possible for both you and your offspring.

  • Is the playpen safe? Are the sides high enough to prevent escape and the potential injury that could involve, and is the gate sturdy enough to resist attempts from the child to open it?
  • Will it be easy to keep an eye on your children while they are inside the playpen? Are the sides transparent or opaque?
  • How child-safe is the lock on the gate? Remember, it’s not just your baby you need to consider – any siblings too old to be inside the playpen but too young to fully understand why they must not let the baby out should be prevented from working the mechanism, too.
  • Is there enough room inside the playpen for all the children you’d like to have inside it, plus a potty (if that is relevant) and any toys you’ll want them to take with them?

Above all, of course, safety is paramount. Check the standards to which your chosen playpen or play yard has been held – it should have some kind of formal accreditation to be deemed truly safe, even if it’s being sold second hand. Reject any potential purchases that aren’t in good condition or that seem to be either damaged or particularly old.


What Are the Potential Pitfalls of Baby Play Yards?

There is, of course, a chance that you might not be able to fully monitor your baby while they are inside a playpen – after all, most of the point of them is that you need to be able to set them down safely somewhere while you go and do something else. If this happens, it’s important that you check in with them frequently and make sure first that they have everything they need and that the playpen itself is safe.

There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that babies need frequent social interaction if they are to thrive. Never get into a situation where a child is spending long stretches of time in a playpen every day – always make certain that is is only a part of their daily activities, and be sure and interact with them frequently. Spend as much quality time with your child as you possibly can, regardless of whether or not they are also spending some time inside a baby play pen.

Obviously, one of the most worrying things about the use of a play yard is what might happen if your baby got out of it without your knowledge. Never use a playpen as an excuse to not ‘child-proof’ the rest of your home – it’s still just as vital that you hide dangerous objects, cover up sockets, protect breakables and generally create an environment in which your baby can be happy and safe.


How Should You Shop For a Baby Play Yard?

Now that you’re armed with all the facts, you’re ready to go out and search for a baby play yard of your own – one that will enhance your family life and help your child’s development rather than hinder it. It’s entirely okay to buy second-hand if that’s what you would rather do, but if possible try to avoid buying second-hand playpens online – you won’t be able to look at them before you purchase, and you can never be entirely sure of their condition. Look for second-hand playpens in dedicated ‘pre-loved’ baby equipment shops for the best choices.

If you’d rather stick to buying your playpen new, many more avenues open up to you – including, of course, an entire internet’s worth of shopping options! Just be sure to check the listings for safety features, weights, sizes, restrictions, and anything else that you’re going to need to know or think about before you commit to a particular playpen.

Above all, buy a playpen with your baby first and foremost in your mind – and they’re sure to love it.


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