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Baby Bouncer And Play Rockers – Letting Baby Rest And Play

Babies love to move around and jump, to see a baby getting some freedom to totally jump around on a bouncer is a great sight, to watch them smiling away. A bouncer is very much shaped the way a chair is and baby sits in it with comfort because of the supported padding that holds the child securely in.

Not to be recommended for any child under the age of 3 months as babies necks haven’t quite developed enough to be able to hold up their own heads too well and using a bouncer they need to be able to hold their own heads up to get the full benefit of the bouncer.

In an upright position, baby can see the people around him/her and view their own surrounding which is great for a baby that is so used to being on their backs for so long.

What do Baby Bouncers come with to entertain my baby?

Bouncers these days come with all sorts of bells and whistles, from toy attachments, things that make noises, playing music as baby bounces and making soothing vibrations to relax your baby. So they can prove to keep baby entertained for quite some time. In a bouncer a baby can even catch 40 winks whilst they sit it total comfort and the soothing relaxing vibrations can lull baby into a nice nap.

The fact that baby can make the bouncer move can prove lots of fun too for him/her, especially really young babies with lots of energy, that releasing of their energy can be really good for baby. These bouncers give baby a real new view of the world . To make them move all it takes are simple kicks and arm movements, baby can move the bouncer on their own when they want which keeps them amused and they can then rock themselves of to sleep.

Plus Points
      • Can give baby a new-found independence
      • Gives you a few moments to yourself knowing baby is safe
      • Helps with baby’s development, mentally and physically
      • Really comfortable for snooze time
      • Bouncers with toys can be a great past time and entertaining for a baby


Not So Good Points
      • Only really useful for 3 months until baby is ready to move around crawling
      • Can be expensive for the short time they will use one for but they can always be passed on a saved for future babies


Lastly remember

Always keep the bouncer on a flat surface, these bouncers if put on an elevated surface can move about so just be aware if baby is in their bouncer on an elevated surface to keep a close eye on them.

Well we have listed below some baby bouncer recommendations.


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