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Baby Gym – Something To Keep Baby Happy For Hours And Hours

We all babies love toys and they can also be fascinated with everyday items they can make toys out of, they can spend hours with the simplest of things like rattles, balls and cuddly teddies, well all this is teaching your child so much more than you think, he or she is learning all about touch and their early introduction to our different senses and their development of hand and eye coordination, all of these are so important to a baby’s development so having plenty for your child to do to occupy them time wise and their brains to be stimulated is always a good thing. Baby Gyms are just great to keep baby busy in their own world and for them to work things out a little bit for themselves.

Most baby gyms or playmats as some people call them can keep baby busy for a good while, especially if they cannot sit up yet, babies will often play on their back and look up at the toys on the baby gym or even lie on their stomachs, but most of the time babies will be on their back and most gyms come with lots for baby to do when lying down, things for them to grab hold of and move about.

Music to my ears, or theirs even

Many gyms and playmats also come with the ability to play music so baby can learn all about sound and can often be their first taste of music, sound for a baby can be exciting, especially if they are creating the sounds by themselves by pressing something on the baby gym. So we recommend buying a baby gym or playmat with some good sounds and music for your baby.

What else to look for when buying a baby gym or playmat

I’d look for one that is going to be machine washable or easy to clean as you know babies tend to make messes where ever they go. Also look for one that is nice with bright colors and nice to touch different textures for baby to learn about touch. Lastly I would look for one with large toys parts and nothing baby could break off and choke with, so very important note to watch for when buying one, buy a good quality one also that will not break in the first place.

So yes they are also a great place to get baby on their tummies for a short time to get them used to being this way up and will help them when they come to the crawling stages of their development, a baby gym is perfect for giving them something to look at whilst they are on their stomach. Always keep a good eye on baby though when on their stomachs and only leave them at first for brief moments as they build up strength.

Storing away your baby gym

Most of the baby gyms available can be easily and conveniently folded away after use and many time the play bar above the playmat can be also used as a handle to carry your baby gym to storage or simply putting baby in another room to keep an eye on them.

Plus Points
      • Great fun for baby and can keep them amused and happy for long periods
      • Helps with baby’s development too, which is always a good thing
      • Great for getting baby used to tummy time and learning to be on their stomachs
      • Gives baby a place to be whilst you get on with something, even more so when in a playpen
      • Gives baby an environment to stimulate sight, touch and hearing with the sounds they will hear.


Not So Good Points
      • Only really useful for early stages until baby is ready to move around crawling and learning
      • Can be expensive for the short time they will use one for but they can always be passed on a saved for future babies


Lastly remember

I would never leave baby alone just on a baby gym or playmat but they are great when you are in the same room or you may want to consider a playpen to put the baby gym in for that extra safety, especially for babies that are prone to early crawling. Also its wise to note but probably be stating the obvious but they work best on a flat surface on the floor.


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