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Cribs For Babies – What To Look For When Buying One

Bringing a baby home for the first time is always a thrilling experience. However, it can also be incredibly daunting for new parents. Make sure you’re adequately prepared for your new arrival by setting up the nursery in advance and check out these important tips on what to look for when buying cribs for babies.

There are two main kinds of bed for babies – the traditional baby cot and the more portable baby bassinet. Both are important for parents to consider when decking out the nursery.


Buying a Crib

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a baby cot. The most important of these is safety.

When looking for cribs for babies, check whether the crib comes with drop-away or pull-down sides. They may seem like a convenient feature for parents, but they’re also a potential safety hazard. Incorrect assembly or a design fault could cause the sides to drop without prompting, leaving your infant risking injury. Stationary sides are preferable.

Another common crib feature is wheels. Again, while these are convenient for manoeuvring cribs for babies, they also pose potential safety risks, especially when your baby is old enough to stand in bed. If you must have this feature, make sure to select a model with lockable casters to keep the bed stationary when not being deliberately moved.

Remember, safety when buying a baby cot is always more important than aesthetics. Round baby cribs may look attractive in a modern nursery, but they’re not regulated by the government and should be used with caution. Additionally, remove small, decorative pieces from your crib to limit choking hazards.

For parents who’d like to give their crib a little flair, there are many patterned and illustrated baby crib bedding sets that can add colour and interest to your nursery without compromising baby’s safety.


Buying a Baby Travel Cot

For parents who want to keep their baby close throughout the day, baby bassinets are the perfect solution.

As with a stationary baby cot, it’s important to make sure any small decorations or adornments are limited or removable. Otherwise, your baby risks choking on small pieces or getting tangled in decorative ties.

If you’d like to buy baby bassinets with a rocking feature, ensure that there is a lock button. This is vital because when a baby learns to roll, they can potentially cause a rocking bassinet to topple over.

Another consideration parents should make is how portable they want the baby bassinets to be. Like stationary cots, having wheels on a baby travel cot can be very convenient, but you must ensure that these wheels can be locked into place when not in use to prevent accidents.

If you’d prefer to avoid wheels altogether, select a baby travel cot that is both sturdy and light-weight for complete portability. Some baby travel cots can be disassembled for storage purchases, which make them ideal for taking trips.

I love some of the old vintage cribs you can buy also that can add real sparkle and magic to a nursery or in the parents’ bedroom. There are some great ones around still been made today because lots of parents are still choosing to have something a little more traditional for their babies.

There are also some great modern wooden cribs being made which are beautifully designed and really make the crib a central showpiece for the nursery, companies like Spot on Square, Oeuf and Stokke are worth looking at if you are wanting something a little different from the norm. Stokke do some great round cribs that look great and can be used as a play yard for your child.

New parents that keep these tips in mind will be able to easily select the perfect baby cot for the new addition to their family. Buying a crib is a very special piece of furniture and you want something that is going to be perfect for your little buddle of joy.

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