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The Best Baby Play Yard With Sleeping Bassinet – All-in-one Solutions

Graco Pack 'N Play Play Yard With Newborn Napper Elite
Graco Pack 'N Play Play Yard With Newborn Napper Elite

If you are somewhat short on space, don’t like to much clutter, go travelling quite a lot with baby or are seeking the perfect sleeping/playing solution for your baby then you want to take a look at a baby play yard with a bassinet. These can be great first cribs to be put in mom and dad’s bedroom at night-time for baby to sleep on the provided bassinet mattress and then during the day can be used as a play yard for baby.

They can be quite practical too as you can easily move the play yard around to another room for you or the baby sitter to keep a close watch on whilst they play with some of their toys. You can then get on with some housework knowing they are safe in their play yard.

Also a play yard with a bassinet can be easily packed away in a jiffy and taken with you when you go to a friend’s house or take a short break away from the home, please also see our recommendations for travel play yards. They also make them a breeze to pack away easily when the kids go and stay away at the grandparents overnight whilst you go out for an evening meal with your partner.

So at the end of the day buying a baby play yard with a bassinet is going to save you money in the long run as you can have somewhere to put baby to sleep for those first few months.

How long should a baby sleep in parents room?

Now this is a very good question and most experts would say 4-6 months to have you baby in the same room, some parents I spoke to about it think it maybe should be 2 months though, so I guess there isn’t really an exact time to follow to the letter but when you feel the time is right, I would recommend whatever feels right for you but I would wait at least 3 months.

So having a bassinet that fixes to a play yard can be great in those first months to have set up in your room and also great to take around the house as a play yard with you of pack it up and take it to the grand parents or baby sitters.

How Long Will The Bassinet Be Used For

After 3 and a half months for a boy and 4 months for a girl and they will of out grown the play yard crib and would need to have a bigger crib anyway so waiting around this time seems just right and you can have their own crib set up for them in their own room. The play yard then can simply be used as a simply a play yard for the baby during the day. Most cribs on play yards will support babies up to 15 pounds so they will of course eventually not be able to fit in them. They are designed for newborns and giving you the option of having a play yard that has more than the one use and will last you a good long time instead of buying two separate products in the first place.

They also often have some sort of sounds that they can play to help send baby off to sleep and can produce a soothing vibration that will make that process even faster, that can’t be a bad thing lol, anything to help baby get off to sleep is always a good thing and allows you to have a better night sleep too.

The best play yards for babies with bassinets we have listed below all come highly recommended and are perfect solutions to having that all-in-one product that can be used day and night.


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