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What’s The Best Baby Travel Crib Play Yard

We shall take a look at some of the best travel crib play yards and give you some option for when you take baby away with you.

Sometimes we need to take a trip away, maybe a little short weekend, full vacation or go and visit relatives and with a young baby/toddler to cater for it can be a mammoth task knowing what to take and will we be able to get it all in the car. It’s best to plan for most things and keeping the baby happy is, or should be top of our agenda. He or she comes first, so you want to pack the essentials for them, travelling with a baby is never easy I know but it makes it easier when you have got everything close at hand.

So you will need all of your usual feeding gear, changing equipment, playing things and sleeping, which is of course what babies do lots. So you need a product that’s going to be as close to an all-in-one as you can get and will be easy to move about quickly with the least bit of hassle.

So the key to finding a great portable play yard and travel crib is opting for the play yard to be compact, not all hotels or rooms you could be staying in will have a huge space for one of these bigger playing areas for baby. If you are going to be staying with a family member or a friend and you might know beforehand that they will have heaps of space, then it maybe an option to take along a larger play yard but to also note that you will need lots of spare room in the car of have some pretty strong hands, the bigger ones do fold up but can take up lots of room up and are heavier.

I recommend to buy a more compact version and as I say look for the ones with a travel bassinet also, most of them are designed to be folded up really quickly and extremely lightweight for you to carry around. if you are travelling someplace and you have some steps to climb you don’t want to be carrying around anything too heavy, cause you will of course have the rest of your baggage with you so something on the lighter side would be advised.

Also worth noting some hotels do offer a rental play yard that you can rent out for the length of your stay, which is good in one way as it saves you having to travel with one but you got to remember also that lots of babies may have used it before yours does and it might not have been cleaned as well as you would have hoped. I preferred to travel with my own travel crib play yard simple reason being, it is handier to have your own and means you can stay anywhere with one. They are not all that expensive and you can at least ensure the play yard was clean to your standards.

Having a portable play yard is what is needed, something small, lightweight and is easy to fold up, that’s what’s going to ideal, but equally as essential it still needs to be a good enough size to cater for baby and ideally come with its own bassinet. So our perfect recommendation would be a play yard with a travel bassinet and the Travel Lite Portable Crib with Bassinet from Graco came out top for us. Still maybe you already have a portable crib and are just looking for a portable play yard then we have included some of the best of them too.


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